Bd dating

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Bd dating

She even adds oranges to her chest in Episode 138 when talking about the 'fleshy woman' in the photo.

In Gintama Movie : Be Forever Yorozuya, she is seen to have the personality of a tsundere.

Although she doesn't like violence, she clearly uses violence to solve her problems, and Hasegawa Taizou labeled her as 'ultra hot (tempered/aggressive) China girl'.

She often quarrels with Shinpachi and Okita and she beats them mercilessly.

In that form, she had orange hair and a scar on her left eye and wearing a samurai suit.

When she recieves a confession from a boy, Shinpachi remarks that going by just looks she's a beauty.She acts very "unladylike" in terms of the ways she speaks and in certain things she does such as vomiting or picking her nose.However, she is still a young girl who likes others to pamper her and on some occasions has shown to have a girly side.She has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to speak her mind or insult people even if its to strangers.She would often swallow everything Gintoki says and regurgitates them ad hoc as a form of advice, sometimes in inappropriate context.

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In the Timeskip arc, however, at 16 years old, she was taller than him at 170 cm. The top piece has a high collar which covered her neck.