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My intentions were not to murder him or to do him harm but only to frighten him.'' Drug-Induced Psychosis Claimed She went on to say that Mr.D'Alessio had repeatedly made sexual advances to her, often accompanied by obscene physical gestures, and that he had told people she enjoyed group sex.Whether on the phone, asking for directions, or almost anywhere else, they've got the perfect line, and we spoke to Italians and expats alike to find out some of the best.The list features tried-and-tested clichés as well as more novel conversation openers, and anyone who's spent some time in Italy is sure to recognize a few.Then, she said, she took out the pistol, there was a struggle, shots were fired and Mr. The charge against Miss Broome is premeditated homicide, which carries a life sentence, but her lawyers say they will argue for a reduced charge and a lesser jail term.Her defense in the trial, which resumes Monday, will rest not only on Mr.

Now she is photographed every day in a Milan courtroom, where she has admitted killing an Italian playboy and has spelled out the details of her cocaine addiction and her love affairs.This kind of behavior from him at a nightclub hours before the killing prompted her to go to his home armed with a .38-caliber revolver, she said.At that point, she added, she had not slept for several days and had continously taken substantial amounts of cocaine.It is possible to get a job without speaking Italian in Italy, particularly if you speak fluent English, but knowing a few phrases can go a long way.From the creamy cannoli to crunchy biscotti, Italy is home to some of the world's most mouthwatering pastries, and if you're looking for the very best of the bunch, this list could provide the answer.

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