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You should contact the DVLA Swansea for clarification on this.There are over 45 million different number plate combinations available to buy online, but you must ensure that they adhere to the DVLA guidelines.If you need assistance with taxing your vehicle, applying for a provisional driving licence, ordering a replacement licence or registering a car, you can call the DVLA Swansea number on this page to speak to a member of the DVLA customer service team.

Since the DVLA has relocated all it’s offices to Swansea it has a very large presence there, consequently if you want a specific department you will need to use a different postcode as seen below.The current format for number plates is made up of two letters which link to the office where the plate was issued, two numbers to indicate when it was issued and then three letters which are chosen at random.If you don’t display your number plates in the correct way, your car could fail its MOT test and you could be fined up to £1000.You can get your provisional licence when you are almost 16- you must be 16 to drive a moped/light quad bike and 17 to drive a car.However, if you have mobility issues and claim the enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment, you may be able to start learning when you’re 16.

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