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Film faces in the crowd online dating

To settle their emotions, Jen, Moss and Roy have a "girls' night out" where they watch Steel Magnolias.They then go to the company's celebration party where they all become drunk and wake up with unexpected partners the next morning.Frustrated at the repeated theft of his coffee mug, Moss shows off a plain-white one which supposedly has a picture of his head on the bottom; however, he is unable to find it.After heading upstairs to resolve an IT problem, Roy finds himself trapped underneath the desks of two female employees like a "desk rabbit".Jen is asked on a date by co-worker Phillip to watch a play.

Despite Roy's insistence that "it's not shit", he declares that the woman didn't like him because women only like "bad boys" and devises a plan to prove his theory by posting a despicable singles ad.

However, Denholm's adversity to non-teamwork forces the trio to get along.

Jen hosts a party to boost the department's popularity, but it backfires when Moss accidentally recalls an inappropriate story.

Jen Barber (Katherine Parkinson) is interviewing for a position at Reynholm Industries.

Based on the claim on her CV that she "has a lot of experience with computers", Denholm Reynholm (Christopher Morris) places her in charge of the IT department.

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  1. I got into it when I moved out here, but then I got into it a lot heavier when I was on would do at lunchtime, they'd scatter and be in the water right away. They'd have a bullhorn and the first AD would say, "Five minutes to lunch ending," then half the people who were in the lineup would paddle out, paddle back in and go back to work.