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The Category 1 status, if the CRTC had approved it, would have given Sun News the same status as CTV News Channel and CBC News Network, in that it would have required all Canadian digital television providers (both cable and direct broadcast satellite) to carry and offer Sun News to their customers should those carriers have the capability to do so.

However, unlike CTV News Channel and CBC News Network, carriers would not have had the ability to distribute Sun News via analogue cable, only through their digital service (a Category 1 status would not have made the channel a compulsory part of every customer's basic digital package; however, it could be placed in digital basic packages subject to negotiations between Sun News and individual television providers).

Since obtaining the Sun News licence in late 2010, Quebecor negotiated carriage deals with cable and satellite providers on an individual basis.

Quebecor-owned Vidéotron carried the network, as did systems run by Access Communications, Bell Canada, Rogers Cable, Eastlink, Sasktel, Shaw Communications and Cogeco (the initial deal with Shaw was for a free, six-month trial period on Shaw Cable systems in Ontario and Western Canada; Cogeco's clearance of Sun News is limited to the provider's Ontario systems).

Sun News Network (commonly shortened to Sun News) was a Canadian English language Category C news channel owned by Québecor Média through a partnership between two of its subsidiaries, TVA Group (which maintained 51% majority ownership of the company) and Sun Media Corporation (which held the remaining 49% interest).

Management released a statement following the closure: "This is an unfortunate outcome; shutting down Sun News was certainly not our goal," according to Julie Tremblay, President and CEO of Media Group and Sun Media Corporation.

The Canadaland website reported on January 26, 2015 that the negotiations with Zoomer Media had stalled over the issue of severance packages for executives and that the channel faced imminent closure, "within as little as two months", if a deal with Znaimer was not reached.

An eleventh hour bid to by Sun News was reportedly made by Leonard Asper, President/CEO of specialty channel operator Anthem Media Group and former CEO of Canwest; Quebecor, however, turned down an offer from Asper, who was unwilling to take on employment contracts and severance packages of Sun News' employees and executives.

After its last program, a repeat of Byline with Brian Lilley, and following a promo for Pat Bolland's program, the channel aired a silent static card of the channel's logo for 30 seconds, then went to a black screen leaving cable operators to announce the closure themselves.

A segment from Michael Coren's The Arena with Sun News contributor Rachael Segal was the last segment ever recorded (it aired a few hours later) while David Akin's Battleground was the last live broadcast on the Sun News Network.

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The network, known for its right-of centre editorial stance, was plagued with poor viewership: the network reported an average of 8,000 viewers, which was significantly lower than its competitors, CBC News Network and CTV News Channel.