Sex dating in conway arkansas

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Sex dating in conway arkansas

Still, transiting Saturn has been around his natal Moon, so the observations still the current state of government?Elected officials are owned by those who fund them: follow the money (corporation/business/despot) to see who bought whom, and know that laws will be enacted for their benefit.

Vesta is trine her Mars in the tenth so it's connected to her career and activities. Although Neptune is technically in her 1st house, it’s less than three degrees from her 2nd house cusp, and so a predominant influence over this house’s affairs. Harvey's conservative Capricorn Moon opposes Uranus in Cancer, sponsor of the Women's Liberation Movement, and squares both Eris in Aries and Saturn in Libra slightly wide), but at least a T-square that created difficult energy circumstances for him repeatedly, where he clearly failed repeatedly. This is the best answer received, and mostly on target.

Yes, many of those actions have been covert, but W Bush, with the creation of Citizen's United, made our country's corporate ownership overt. They care not about global warming, unless they can make a dollar from it.

As long as - Love your Newscope blog and interpretations of our political events.

(and Neptune can never progress into the second house because at it went retrograde; she was about 40).

Maybe Vesta, the Priestess, which IS in her second house, in Virgo (books and teachers) and conjunct the Black Moon (fierce feminine) accounts for why women love her.

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If you have otherwise looked into this, my question is what have you found.

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