Single stammtisch neuwied

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Single stammtisch neuwied

It was to have served as the central nodal point for the planned Adolf-Hitlerstra2000 metres.Soon after the founding of the NSDAP in 1925, Party members and supporters of Hitler imprinted their ideology and imagery within the university quarter.While some demolitions were made along the railway, there was no implementation of the new plans in the war.Planning conceived of the redesign of the station through architect Paul Bonatz with a 136 metre high domed structure with a width of 300 metres and the establishment of a “monument of the movement” at its old site.Heinrich Hoffmann, whose company had been in the rear building of No.

Hitler very specifically wanted a distinction between the Munich Central Station as a “monument of our century’s technology” in contrast to the Halle des Volkes in Berlin, designed by Albert Speer as a massive dome.During the Nazi era this building administered the expropriation of assets of political opponents and racial undesirables through public auctions of furnishings.Regarding the “Arisierung” of Jewish property, the fiscal authority located here played a key role.Until the move to the Braune Haus in 1930, the From 1936 to 1945, the lion was replaced by the Nazi party eagle- the Reichsadler.Deemed the Hauptstadt der Bewegung, Munich was a significant place in terms of the Nazi ideology.

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During the Third Reich, a stylised eagle combined with the Nazi swastika was made the national emblem (Hoheitszeichen) by order of Adolf Hitler in 1935 based on his own personal design.

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