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Building 1 (Betriebshalle) houses a one of a kind and far reaching cluster of material hardware utilized for educating purposes.

The primary possessions of more seasoned material are writing on material related subjects from the nineteenth to the main portion of the twentieth century, books that are held by couple of other German libraries.

A similar building additionally houses a book shop and a branch office of the medical coverage organization AOK, which gives understudy protection.

Since the Bologna procedure, inquire about at colleges of connected sciences has turned out to be progressively vital.

The Mensa (Refectory and Cafeteria) is a focal meeting point on grounds.

Notwithstanding espresso and sodas, there is an extensive variety of little snacks, and additionally warm dishes and plates of mixed greens amid weekday lunchtime.

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The University has 5 schools with Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs: INF: School of Informatics (Bachelor of Science) ESB: ESB Reutlingen (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts) AC: School of Applied Chemistry (Bachelor of Science) TEC: School of Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) TD: School of Textiles & Design (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering) The Protestant and Catholic Student Ministry (ekhg) offers workshops about how to create and enhance the social aptitudes one needs when studying, in ones vocation, and in ones private life.